Dual Articulating Monitor Arm (DESK CLAMP)

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Versatility meets affordability with the 2EZCLAMP. The solid articulating monitor arm featuring 90° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation helps create unrivaled ergonomic experience and productivity.

The individual VESA Plate height adjustment is designed to enable dual monitors to be perfectly aligned. When updating the monitors, the detachable VESA plate enables a quick and easy attachment. The 2EZCLAMP clears up valuable desk space removing unwanted clutter. The mount is made of high grade steel and aluminum.


 Features Include:


  • Free-Tilting Design: for multiple monitor viewing angles
  • Individual VESA Plate Height Adjustment: helps monitors to be perfectly aligned
  • 360° Rotary VESA Plate: for more viewing experience
  • Swiveling Arm(s): offer(s) maximum viewing flexibility (makes every seat the best seat)
  • Freely Adjusting Height: for an optimal ergonomic position
  • Cable Management: elegantly hides any cables that are attached to displays
  • Detachable VESA Plate Design: enables easy installation

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