Portable UV Sterilizer Box with 15W Wireless Charger


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Multi-purpose portable UV sterilizer box with built-in 15W wireless charging surface. With a 99.9% sterilization rate, this sterilizer box is mercury and radiation free. It is designed for multi-object disinfection and kills all the bacteria on any object that fits in the box. It’s ideal for sanitizing masks, keys, headsets, phones, glasses, watches, cosmetics, money, toys, etc.



  • 99.9% sanitization rate with 9 UV LED;
  • Multi-object disinfection;
  • 8-inch sterilization chamber (inner size: 190x103x38mm);
  • Aromatherapy diffuser;
  • Auto-off protection;
  • 15W fast wireless charging;                                                      
  • USB-C input port compatible to 5W/10W/15W/18W/20W USB adapter or PD charger;
  • What’s in the package: 1 UV Sterilizer Box, 1 USB-C Charging cable, 1 User Manual.

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