Reolink Argus 3 Pro Spotlight Wire-Free 4MP Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Security Camera | 2.4/5 GHz WiFi, Colour Night Vision, Remote Live View

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Argus 3 Pro is small but smart, and it’s small but fully equipped. Bring this battery-powered camera to any places, and you get person/vehicle detection, color night vision, spotlight, two-way audio and, peace of mind.


  • Person/Vehicle Detection with Smart Alerts - Discerns people and vehicles from other objects. More accurate alerts.
  • Dual-Band WiFi - 2.4/5 GHz WiFi for simple and flexible wireless setup.
  • 2K 4MP Super HD - 2X clearer than 1080p HD. More details, better visual experience.
  • Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered - Zero-cable installation. Long-lasting on one charge.
  • Color Night Vision - Keeps recording in full color with spotlight on after sundown.
  • Two-Way Audio - Real-time interactive communication with the visitors.
  • IP65 Weather Proof - Ready for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Remote Access Anytime - You can manage camera settings, and live view videos anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible and Secure Storage - You can insert a micro SD card for local storage (up to 128GB).
  • Super Fun Time Lapse - Argus 3 Pro with time lapse makes it quicker and easier to capture the dynamic of long-term events like sun rising and flower blooming. Have fun shooting movie-like videos!
  • Work with Google Assistant: With a simple voice command, you can view your live video feed on your Google Nest Hub or Chrome cast-enabled TVs.

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