Universal Anti-Theft Tablet VESA Adapter Clamp

Sale price$23.00


The use of touch screen tablets has greatly increased over the years. Whether it is for home, office or clinic usage, a common occurrence of ergonomic issues arise from long duration of holding or looking down at a tablet. Some of which include hand, neck and back posture pain. The EZPADVESA is compatible with 7.9-12.5 tablets.

Its intuitive design seamlessly attaches to a monitor arm adapter. Having an articulating arm allows the data entry in retail stores, restaurant, hospitality and clinic use to be much easier. By freeing the hands, users are able to increase better workflow and comfort.

This flexible design is created in the mindset that there are a wide range of different ergonomic needs. What sets the EZPADVESA from the generic VESA adapter clamps in the market, is its locking mechanism to safe keep your tablet from thieves!


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