SureCall Fusion5sCA Cell Signal Booster for Office/Commercial | Up to 35,000 sq ft | All Canadian Carriers 4G/5G - Bell, Rogers, Telus | ISED Approved (Amp only)

Sale price$1,999.99


The Fusion5s CA is a five-band industrial booster that provides 2G/3G and 4G LTE enhancement for all major cell carriers and is configurable for all indoor environments. Fusion5s CA is a high power amplifier that covers buildings up to 35,000 square feet and 20+ simultaneous users.


• Boosts talk, text and 4G LTE signals for inside a large home or office building

• Reduces dropped and missed calls and provides faster, more reliable 4G LTE data performance

• All carrier frequencies are independently controlled

• Quality metal construction, durable and resilient

• Boosts signal for all major cellular carriers

• Industry leading 3-year warranty

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