SwitchBot Hub 2 | Work as a WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer, IR Remote Control, Smart Remote and Light Sensor, Wi-Fi, Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant

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 A 4-in-1 Hub that Matters. SwitchBot Hub 2 supports old infrared appliances and can help make them smarter, what's more, you can also connect other SwitchBot products via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to build a more complete smart home experience. For existing Bluetooth only products such as SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Blind Tilt, you can connect Hub 2 to your smart home ecosystem to implement Matter over Wi-Fi in the future, removing the need to buy new devices to make them Matter compatible.


  • A Smart Wi-Fi Therometer Hygrometer: Monitor room temperature and humidity accurately thanks to our Swiss-made sensor and large LED screen. It‘s also equipped with a light sensor, that helps your device adapt to the local environment and is Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor temperature, humidity, and lighting at home. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Helps Consolidate All Your Infrared Remotes: With Smart Learning, our smart home hub can help you add tons of home appliance infrared remotes to our app to help make home life simple. You'll then be able to control appliances such as TVs, Air Cons, and more using Voice Commands (e.g. Alexa) or even using our app or your Apple Watch.
  • Use with Scenes and Geo-fencing: Temperature, humidity and light detected by SwitchBot Hub 2 (2nd Gen) can be used as automatic scene conditions as the trigger condition to control devices such as air conditioners to help maintain a comfortable environment at home. Use with other SwitchBot products to realize more automation scenarios with the help of our smart home ecosystem.
  • 2 Smart Buttons Included: Our device comes with two buttons to allow you to set up household appliances or automation scenes to be controlled when using our app. Just simply tap lightly and enjoy a host of different home automation possibilities, especially suitable for the elderly or children who cannot use smart phones or voice commands.
  • Supports Matter: SwitchBot Curtains, Blind Tilts, Lock Pro are supported via Matter when using SwitchBot Hub2 (2nd Gen), which in turn helps make your device supported via HomeKit (support across other devices will come shortly after). Our hub also allows you to use third-party smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home for an even better smart home experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
IR smart learning

Amazed how smart learning works for this hub but we enjoyed setting up our appliances with this. We almost have all of our appliances linked to the SwitchBot so now everything is much easier to control via voice assist. I bet this hub has a lot of other benefits too and we're looking forward to trying it!

still works

hub 2 still works perfectly

Works great

Second purchase of SwitchBot product works great

even better!!

I really like the switchbot hub mini but I liked this even better! more buttons and features added to it made it so worth it to buy :)

new hub

wow i like how it works as a WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer now! and Matter compatible! nice SwitchBot