Magnet Mount Antenna (3G/4G Omni Directional w/ 12.5 ft. RG174 & FME Female Connector)


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Wilson 301103 or weBoost 311103 (same item) is a magnet-mount antenna with FME female connectors. 50 ohms. Installs in seconds. Transferable between vehicles. Wide Band Magnet-Mount Antenna with FME-Female Adaptors is for 50 ohm systems. It is made with earth magnet. It requires a metal ground plane (minimum 3.5 inches diameter). 12.25 inch Vehicle Antenna For Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters has 12.50 feet of RG-174 Cable and FME-Female Connector attached to it. This omni-directional mobile omni-antenna receives signals from all directions.

Antenna gain provided on frequency range:

  • 700-800 MHz 1.9 dBi.
  • 824-894 MHz 5.12 dBi.
  • 880-960 MHz 3.1 dBi.
  • 1710-1880 MHz -4.0 dBi.
  • 1850-1990 MHz 6.12 dBi.
  • 2110-2170 MHz 2.3 dBi.


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