SureCall Sentry Remote Monitoring and Control System

Sale price$299.99


Sentry is a revolutionary advancement in cellular signal booster installation, optimization and ongoing management. Essential for installers it provides fast and seamless installations. Sentry is a must have for building managers where continuous up time is mission critical. Sentry provides remote access to SureCall’s Fusion5s and Fusion5X via the Sentry software allowing installers to adjust the attenuation to control:

  • Over-Powering
  • Oscillation
  • Over-Attenuation



  • Optimize installation remotely by monitoring and identifying the strongest signal strength available.
  • Quickly pinpoints malfunctions due to unforeseen changes such as newly installed cellular towers or repeater systems.
  • Immediately notifies installers or end users via email about booster changes and over-powering.
  • Remotely monitor and adjust booster performance, including uplink, downlink or band while located off-site.

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