Surecall Fusion5X 2.0 YP Cell Signal Booster Kit for Home/Office | Up to 25,000 sq ft | All Canadian Carriers 4G/5G - Bell, Rogers, Telus | ISED Approved

Sale price$1,499.99


Designed for mid-sized commercial buildings and large residences, SureCall Fusion5X 2.0™ increases voice, text, 3G & 4G LTE signals for all Canadian cell carriers. Configurable for all indoor environments, the Fusion5X 2.0 provides max connectivity, reduces dropped & missed calls and improves 4G LTE data speeds to ensure everyone has a reliable connection to their mobile device.


• Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all Canadian cell carriers
• Reduces dropped & missed calls and extends battery life for all cellular devices
• +16 dBm downlink power for more coverage indoors
• SureIQ™ technology balances incoming signals, preventing shutdown and maximizing performance in strong signal environments
• Auto-adjusting gain ensures continuously maximized performance
• Compatible with SureCall Sentry™ for seamless remote monitoring
• Industry best 3-year warranty, 60-day money back guarantee and lifetime tech support
• Compliant with ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2018 regulations

The kit includes: Fusion5X 2.0 booster, Yagi outdoor antenna (SC-230W), Panel Antenna (SC-248W), 75 ft. SC-400 low-loss coax cable, 100 ft. SC-400 Cable

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