weBoost Drive Reach Fleet (650254) Cell Signal Booster Kit | All Canadian Carriers - Bell, Rogers, Telus & More | Requires Professional Installation

Sale price$749.99



  • Enhances all available wireless network signals and speeds throughout a fleet vehicle (Police, Work, Service and Delivery vehicles).
  • Boosts signal strength for cellular-based fleet tracking devices allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles, even in weak signal areas.
  • Works with ALL cellular devices in the vehicle on ALL carriers simultaneously.
  • Increases cellular range, provides fastest available data speeds and improves call quality.

(Kit includes: Drive Reach Fleet amp, 314405- 4G NMO Antenna , 314419- 4G In-Vehicle Server Antenna w/ 10 ft LMR100 and SMB Female (Plug) Connector , 850022- Hardwire Power Supply, 904423- 3/4 inch NMO Mount w/14 ft. RG58 &SMB Female(plug) Connector, 6ft RG58 extension cable with SMB connectors, Hole drilling protective tape, O-ring sealant


weBoost Drive Reach Fleet
weBoost Drive Reach Fleet


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